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Ruxin Popup Maker Documentation

The minimum required version of Joomla is 3.9.0

A position must be selected to display the module. You can use any position in your template or put the module in 'popup' position by installing and activating the 'Ruxin Popup Position' plugin

 module: It is possible to display the modules as a popup
 Html: You can enter html code
 Editor: You can enter texts using the editor

Popup Type
 Normal: The popup is displayed and the popup sides are grayed out to focus on the popup
 Toast: The popup will be displayed and the sides of the popup will be transparent so that other parts of the site are also displayed

Auto Close Popup
 From here you can set the popup time to close automatically

Effect Setting
 From this section, you can set the effects of popup display and popup closure

Execute Type
 Time: After a certain period of time, a popup will be displayed
 Bottom Space: After a certain distance from the bottom of the page is approached, popup will be displayed
 Click: After clicking on the specified element, popup will be displayed

Number of Views Per User
 You can specify how often the popup is displayed to the user (Once Per Day / Once Per Week / Once Per Month / Custom)